Susan L. Vlasuk, DC, DACBR

Dr. Vlasuk is a 1970 cum laude graduate of the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, now National University of Health Sciences. She was awarded her Diplomate postgraduate certification status from the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology in 1981, after completing her radiology training at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Vlasuk is an excellent communicator and information conduit. She takes complex subjects and makes them eminently understandable, both in her imaging reports, as well as in her teaching. She has the unique capacity to correlate chiropractic biomechanical principles with detailed expertise in radiological pathology, being clear and complete in everything she authors.

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FRIMAY 219AMFRIMAY 216:00PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 1, FridayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training

SATMAY 229AMSATMAY 225:00PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 1, SaturdayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training

SUNMAY 238AMSUNMAY 231:30PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 1, SundayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training


SATJUN 59AMSATJUN 56:00PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 2, SaturdayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training

SUNJUN 68AMSUNJUN 65:00PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 2, SundayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training

SATJUN 199AMSATJUN 196:00PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 3, SaturdayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training

SUNJUN 208AMSUNJUN 202:30PMVirtual EventIntroRad May-June 2021Session 3, SundayIntended audience:Introductory x-ray training