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Six-hour C.E. for techs and 12-hour C.E. for doctors are offered as on-demand video courses. See “Online Courses,” in the menu above.

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Introductory X-Ray Training, Oct-Nov 2023
Session I: Oct 20–22
Session II: Nov 4–5
Session III: Nov 18–19
* We don’t have any introductory classes currently scheduled *
Introductory X-Ray Training, 2024
Training requirements are changing!
All future classes are TBD

The course is expanding from 48 hours to 72 hours, and includes new testing requirements.

We don’t have any x-ray training classes scheduled at this time — the new requirements mean that the course has to be entirely reworked.

We will announce far and wide when we have something new! Make sure you’re on our seminar mailing list to get notified.


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