What Others Say
About Dr. Vlasuk's Seminars
WOW!! This was so much more than x-ray! After being in practice for many years, I'm now very picky about which seminars are worth it to attend. There was so much great clinical information. Very practical.
I'll definitely be back!
Format was FUN! It really kept my interest.
I will be coming to Dr. Vlasuk's seminars regardless of whether I need CE hours.
Presented well, with VERY useful info. Enjoyed your happy personality!
I always learn something in Dr. Vlasuk's seminars that I can use in my office on Monday.
I liked the combination of case studies, case management tips, and tips for improving our films.
Always fabulous!!
Very positive. Very precise. Obviously very dedicated.
Dr. Vlasuk is so organized and knowledgeable.
Dr. V, your fun and inquisitive demeanor make it so very enjoyable.
Thank you for everything presented, the price, and the quality. I'll be back for more.
Love the format — all of it — the practical and very informative breadth of topics covered. Keep on doing the same!
There should have been 500 doctors here to hear this!
Dr. Vlasuk has style, knowledge, and expertise.
There was no filler. It was all useful to everyday practice.
Very professional presentation — informative and challenging.
Dr. Vlasuk always stays on schedule. Excellent flow — I'm impressed.
Just great!! One of the best seminars Iíve attended!
I will be a regular from here on out!
Visual material was very helpful, all was great.
Written notes very organized and informative.
Thank you for a great seminar!
Class notes are very helpful for future reference.
Content was relevant — really enjoyed the presentation.
Presentation was very good. Material was very practical.
Organized and current info.
There was nothing that I didn't like; it was a great seminar.
Great job of keeping things moving and keeping the lecture both informative and interesting.
Definitely motivated to come to Dr. Vlasuk's seminars more often!
Dr.Vlasuk obviously has a genuine interest to be so well organized and helpful.
Dr. Vlasuk is an excellent motivator, communicator, and resource person.
I was able to integrate this info with my existing knowledge base and leave feeling as though I can use this info tomorrow in my practice.
Dr. Vlasuk's ability to think and present in clear, logical sequence is great.
I was able to thoroughly understand and enjoy the information.
Addressed questions very thoroughly.
Dr. Vlasuk is very knowledgeable in all facets of chiropractic and its applications.
Really appreciated the wonderful notes.
Dr. Vlasuk is very articulate and easy to listen to.
Loved the pre- and post-test. What a revelation!
Great explanations. Great interaction with listeners.
Here is a seminar that really helps me be a better doctor.
Very useful information. Good topic. Good notes.
Dr. Vlasuk has the ability to deliver up-to-date material in a very interesting way. She's not only very intelligent, but she has a unique ability to transfer her information to others.
Great notes — concise — clear — very informative.
This seminar completely covered what I was expecting, plus much more.
Fine notes — easy to follow — I can watch and listen without worrying about taking notes.
I came to this seminar because of a past experience with a super seminar given by Dr. Vlasuk, and I was absolutely pleased again.
Dr. Vlasuk is very easy to listen to and to learn from.
I liked the way the lecturer smiled and had a good attitude. Info was easily assimilated.
I was hoping for a professional, scientifically-based, informative seminar — and I got it!
Love the way Dr. Vlasuk keeps to the topic — no boring war stories — notes well-prepared and easy to follow.
Excellent content. Perfect tempo — didn't drag.
These seminars by Dr. Vlasuk really do not need any improvement.
This information was really useful and without the baloney and sales pitches so many seminars have.
Dr. Vlasuk's seminars are always a pleasant learning experience. Excellent as always!
I liked the fact that everything was backed up by literature references, including new sources.
This class gave me workable, useable educational tools. Dr. Vlasuk is great!
Do more of these "Unknowns" seminars — they're fun and a great learning experience!