Challenge of the Unknowns, #27




12-hour C.E. course for doctors only.



New, November 2020

All New Cases!

See 25 cases presented as they would be in your office! Challenge yourself to make the diagnosis!

This 12-hour imaging course presents challenging x-rays that have presented in chiropractic practices, using plain films integrated with advanced imaging. This helps doctors:

  • Analyze a film quickly but thoroughly
  • Remember things you’ve forgotten—keep your diagnostic skills sharp
  • Improve film quality and update yourself on helpful spot views
  • Improve skills related to alternate forms of imaging
  • Update yourself on new developments in health care
  • Be sure about what looks safe and what looks dangerous
  • Reduce malpractice risk
  • Improve your documentation
  • Improve your clinical skills

The purchase of this course includes:

Module A: Cases 1-8 (4 hr)

Module B: Cases 9-17 (4 hr)

Module C: Cases 18-25 (4 hr) *coming soon; access automatically granted*

The notes accompanying the course can be downloaded upon purchase.

C.E. Approvals

  • This seminar concerned the subject of diagnostic imaging, which is automatically acceptable for chiropractic license renewal credit (12 hours) in
    Washington state.
  • Automatically acceptable for Oregon state CE re-licensure credits, 12 hours
  • Automatically acceptable for Montana state CE re-licensure credits, 12 hours
  • Approved for Alaska state CE re-licensure credits, 12 hours. Alaska ID # 16994
  • Automatically acceptable for California inactive licensure CE credits, 12 hours (The application process for CE approval for active California licensure is prohibitive for out-of-state applicants.)