Radiation Safety: 4-Part Series



COURSE TOPICS: childrencollimationdose & exposuredosimetryfiltersnature of radiationpregnancysafetyshielding

Includes all 4 parts of Radiation Safety in one bundle.


Radiation Safety, Part 1

  • The nature of radiation
  • Some essentials about radiation and what its biologic effects are
  • Radiosensitivity
  • Difference between electrical exposure settings and dose
  • Dose measuring units (measuring ionization)
  • Whole body exposure vs regional exposure
  • Average x-ray exposures and comparison with other types of studies that involve radiation

Radiation Safety, Part 2

  • Background radiation
  • Comparison with other life stressors
  • How the human body’s recuperative capacity deals with radiation exposure
  • Benefit vs risk considerations for x-ray
  • Health risks from high levels of radiation
  • What to say to patients who are concerned about x-ray
  • The danger of common misinformation

Radiation Safety, Part 3

  • Relevant historical tidbits about radiation
  • How procedures have changed to make x-ray safe
  • Radiation safety procedures for the patient:
    • Limitation of the primary beam (collimation)
    • Amplification of signal
    • Higher kV exposures
    • High frequency wave form
    • Compensating filters
    • Shielding, Part 1

Radiation Safety, Part 4

  • Continuation of radiation safety procedures for the patient:
    • Shielding, Part 2
    • X-ray and pregnancy
    • X-ray of children
  • Radiation safety procedures for the x-ray technician:
    • Operator’s booth
    • Lead aprons
    • MPD and personnel dosimetry
    • The pregnant x-ray technician
  • Radiation safety procedures for others in the vicinity:
    • Other office personnel
    • Other individuals accompanying the patient
    • Protective barriers
    • Site planning
  • Inspection by the state

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