Improving the Image: Filters and Grids (1 CR)

This is a two-part series that covers some issues that are important to acquiring good quality diagnostic x-rays.

Compensating Filters and Grids

  • Compensating Filters
    • Why filters are needed
    • Why digital image acquisition doesn’t solve everything
    • What is attenuation
    • Overview of different types of filters
    • Concept of how to use a compensating filter
    • Which x-rays benefit from the use of a compensating filter
    • Three advantages of using compensating filters
  • Grids
    • Explanation of what and where a grid is
    • Vital function of the grid
    • How the bucky got its name
    • Understanding lines-per-inch, depth ratio, and focal range of a grid
    • How the size of the patient’s body part affects scatter
    • Why some x-rays can be taken without a grid
    • How a grid can present a safety issue
Module 1 Improving the Image: Compensating Filters and Grids
Unit 1 Compensating Filters and Grids
Unit 2 Quiz: Compensating Filters and Grids

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