Special Imaging for Spine

NOTE: This course is only available to those who were registered for the 6-hour class originally scheduled for March 21, 2020.

This course has been divided into 4 sections for more comfortable viewing. Questions are embedded in the material, and answering these questions is necessary in order to access the course completion voucher at the end of Section 4.


This course will provide instruction on some special x-ray views. These views are extremely helpful for spine cases, but they may not be routinely produced in chiropractic offices. Often, this is just because of habit, and a chiropractic practice could really benefit from knowing about these added views.

  • What are doctors responsible for visualizing on their x-rays?
  • What sorts of added views could be helpful?
    • cervical pillar views
    • swimmer’s view
    • tricks for cervical obliques
    • tricks for lumbar obliques
    • sacroiliac joint views
    • pelvic oblique views
  • How can these extra views be useful for the patient as well as the doctor?
  • Who decides how to integrate these added views?
  • How will scheduling and workflow be affected?
  • Overview of advanced imaging options for spine

This is a 6-hour course designed as approved continuing education for the radiographic technician. It is also useful for approved continuing education for any doctor who wishes to brush up on any of the topics listed here.

Notes are available to accompany these presentations, which you can download from the Order History section of your Account page.

Radiographic technicians in Washington state must complete all 4 sections to accumulate the 6 hours of continuing education that are required for license renewal each year.