Justification for X-Ray

Justification for X-Ray: 2 credits for doctors

Justification for X-Ray Laws and Standards Related to Imaging Medical Necessity Decision-Making and Charting Benefit vs Risk Imaging Responsibilities for DCs Requirements X-Ray Quality Consents: Simple vs. Informed Possible Pregnancy How Image Quality Issues Can Affect Detection of Conditions Manual Manipulation and the Need for X-Ray

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Improving the Image: Filters and Grids

Compensating Filters and Grids Compensating Filters Why filters are needed Why digital image acquisition doesn’t solve everything What is attenuation Overview of different types of filters Concept of how to use a compensating filter Which x-rays benefit from the use of a compensating filter Three advantages of using compensating filters[…]

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Special Imaging for Spine

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NOTE: This course is only available to those who were registered for the 6-hour class originally scheduled for March 21, 2020.

This course has been divided into 4 sections for more comfortable viewing. Questions are embedded in the material, and answering these questions is necessary in order to access the course completion voucher at the end of Section 4.

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